A solo performance Zita Badalyan "the human Voice"

Psychological drama in one act based on the play by Jean Cocteau. (4 versions – in Russian, Armenian, French and English)

about the performance

Staging and set design – Slava Stepanyan.

Costume designer – Nelly Shakhbazov

Cast: Zita Badalyan, Alexey Samoylov

Heroine was left face to face with the brutal truth – she no longer loved and abandoned. What if I love with every cell of your body?.. But the oxygen is cut off, feeding them... bell – inhale....On the other end is the voice of a loved one. You can still live, can't breathe! Another call – another breath... And then, in the handset – only short beeps...

The premiere of the updated version was held in July 2010 in Berlin.

Duration: 53 min


Party Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2014.****(UK, 2014)

The winner of the International theatre festival "the Bosporan agony" (Kerch, 2013)

The winner of the International theatre festival of solo performances "Maria" (Kyiv, 2012)

The winner of the International theatre festival of SOLO performances "SOLO" (Moscow, 2011)

The winner of the International festival "the Four elements" Moscow-Avignon (Moscow, 2008)

The winner of the International youth Festivals in Dijon and Grenoble (France, 2008)


The Play "The Human Voice" Clip

"The human voice" at the festival SOLO news program TERM. ТВАРМ.РУ "Voice of Diaspora"

mass media
The magazine "Passion Boulevard", No. 10, 2006, category "Moscow Premiere".

Heroes fit for action

...Between the play "Hey, somebody!" and another play Glory Stepanian — "the human Voice" by Jean Cocteau — a lot in common. Jean Cocteau, French playwright and absurdist, mystifier, one of the great men of his time. His works are masterpieces, his talent is limitless. He showed himself in art, taking strong positions and making something new and unique that distinguishes him from his contemporaries.


The magazine "French" ("La Langue Fransaise") No. 9, may 2007

Today in Moscow is not so common to see the performance in French. So every time the audience enjoyed this opportunity and do your best to attend such performances. However, this is now possible and without significant difficulty: in the Armenian theater in Moscow today you can see the production of one of the plays by Cocteau in its original version. It's a big event, especially if to take into account that the scene is one of the most complex and famous of his works — "the human Voice" ("La Voix humaine").


Support center of russin-armenian strategic and community initiatives

the Play "the human Voice" in the repertoire of one of the elders. He is the darling of the intellectual public. The show has evolved, spoke different languages and traveled the world. He applauded at the Russian seasons in Germany, in Ulm in France in AIX-EN Provence, Grenoble, Dijon, in the Crimea, at the festival "Bosporus agony", where "the human Voice" forced to shudder mount Mithridates, in Kiev which took the "Silver medallion of the festival "Maria", did not leave indifferent and caused a loud debate critics at the festival of Solo performances "Solo" in Moscow, etc. This year, the play will be presented in the program of the festival Fringe.


Edinburgh Fringe 2014

the Background "She was left face to face with the brutal truth — she's more unloved, dumped her. What can you do if you love someone with every particle of his body? Without him, the air she breathes, choking her ... a Phone call ... Breath ... On the other end the voice of her beloved. She may yet live, to breathe. Another call – one more breath ... And then you only hear the busy tone..."


"Strange" Russians at the festival, Edinburg Festival Fringe

"Strange" Russians at the festival, Edinburg Festival Fringe

In Scotland, the 68th Edinburgh international arts festival. In the program of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2014 from Russia by the Moscow Armenian theatre.


Edinburgh festival and FRINGE 2014

the Edinburgh festival and FRINGE 2014

Several simultaneous events that make up the "Edinburgh festival" — international festival, the fringe, Comedy festival, etc. — bring thousands of shows and performers to the Scottish capital every August. It is impossible to see everything, just a part of what is proposed, but with our experienced team we got 150 of the best.


Lanolin (spectator)

"the human Voice" Moscow Armenian theatre under the direction of Fame Stepanian

Black, white, red... Love, life, death... the Blood, the light, the despair... the Wire silhouette of a man.


The Human Voice

The Human Voice BUY TICKETS Performed by Zita Badalyan, RUSSIA

Tue 10/18 7:30pm

drama, 60 min.

A woman comes face to face with the severe truth – she is no longer wanted, and abandoned by her man. How to be, if you love each cage of the body? But the oxygen feeding them…the Call – a breath is blocked…on other end of a wire – a favorite voice, still it is possible to live, it is possible to breathe. Still a call – one more breath… And then, in the receiver – only short hoots… Performed in Armenian with English subtitles. Director: Slava Stepanyan. Costume Design and Make Up: Nelli Shakhbazova. Sound Director: Dmitrii Pervushin. Guest Appearance: Aleksei Samoilov. Producer: Moscow Armenian Theatre. Recommended for: adults. Links: show, artist, video, photos, twitter.

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