The Human Voice

The Human Voice BUY TICKETS Performed by Zita Badalyan, RUSSIA

Tue 10/18 7:30pm

drama, 60 min.

A woman comes face to face with the severe truth – she is no longer wanted, and abandoned by her man. How to be, if you love each cage of the body? But the oxygen feeding them…the Call – a breath is blocked…on other end of a wire – a favorite voice, still it is possible to live, it is possible to breathe. Still a call – one more breath… And then, in the receiver – only short hoots… Performed in Armenian with English subtitles. Director: Slava Stepanyan. Costume Design and Make Up: Nelli Shakhbazova. Sound Director: Dmitrii Pervushin. Guest Appearance: Aleksei Samoilov. Producer: Moscow Armenian Theatre. Recommended for: adults. Links: show, artist, video, photos, twitter.

2016 United Solo is the world’s largest solo theatre festival, currently in its 7th season. All shows are staged at Theatre Row: 410 West 42nd Street, New York City. TICKETS, with a price of $20.25 (including a $2.25 theatre restoration charge) are available at the Theatre Row Box Office and online through Telecharge at www.telecharge.com. You may also call Telecharge at 212-239-6200. When placing your reservation, please provide: the FESTIVAL name (United Solo Theatre Festival), the name of THEATRE (Theatre Row – The Studio Theatre), and the specific DAY and TIME of SHOW you would like to see.

Lanolin (spectator)

"the human Voice" Moscow Armenian theatre under the direction of Fame Stepanian

Black, white, red... Love, life, death... the Blood, the light, the despair... the Wire silhouette of a man.

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Edinburgh festival and FRINGE 2014

the Edinburgh festival and FRINGE 2014

Several simultaneous events that make up the "Edinburgh festival" — international festival, the fringe, Comedy festival, etc. — bring thousands of shows and performers to the Scottish capital every August. It is impossible to see everything, just a part of what is proposed, but with our experienced team we got 150 of the best.

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Edinburgh Fringe 2014

the Background "She was left face to face with the brutal truth — she's more unloved, dumped her. What can you do if you love someone with every particle of his body? Without him, the air she breathes, choking her ... a Phone call ... Breath ... On the other end the voice of her beloved. She may yet live, to breathe. Another call – one more breath ... And then you only hear the busy tone..."

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Support center of russin-armenian strategic and community initiatives

the Play "the human Voice" in the repertoire of one of the elders. He is the darling of the intellectual public. The show has evolved, spoke different languages and traveled the world. He applauded at the Russian seasons in Germany, in Ulm in France in AIX-EN Provence, Grenoble, Dijon, in the Crimea, at the festival "Bosporus agony", where "the human Voice" forced to shudder mount Mithridates, in Kiev which took the "Silver medallion of the festival "Maria", did not leave indifferent and caused a loud debate critics at the festival of Solo performances "Solo" in Moscow, etc. This year, the play will be presented in the program of the festival Fringe.

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The magazine "French" ("La Langue Fransaise") No. 9, may 2007

Today in Moscow is not so common to see the performance in French. So every time the audience enjoyed this opportunity and do your best to attend such performances. However, this is now possible and without significant difficulty: in the Armenian theater in Moscow today you can see the production of one of the plays by Cocteau in its original version. It's a big event, especially if to take into account that the scene is one of the most complex and famous of his works — "the human Voice" ("La Voix humaine").

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The magazine "Passion Boulevard", No. 10, 2006, category "Moscow Premiere".

Heroes fit for action

...Between the play "Hey, somebody!" and another play Glory Stepanian — "the human Voice" by Jean Cocteau — a lot in common. Jean Cocteau, French playwright and absurdist, mystifier, one of the great men of his time. His works are masterpieces, his talent is limitless. He showed himself in art, taking strong positions and making something new and unique that distinguishes him from his contemporaries.

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"Looking for your search" Moscow Armenian theatre under the direction of Fame Stepanian

And who said that men are alien to "Christmas tales" about love. No, of course they can condescendingly laugh at us naive fools, who would only in the final "happily ever after", but we know...

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In the commercial, in a good sense of the audience, the plays have a special charm. Here's one example – Comedy Annie Wilson "Looking for baby". This statement Nelly Eichhorn, performed by the Moscow Armenian theatre under the direction of Fame Stepanian.

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News SAR

SAR news

13 may 2012

may 3, 2012, the Day of its 50th anniversary, artistic Director of the Moscow Armenian theatre Stepanyan made a gift to friends, colleagues and his fans – were invited to play Annie Wilson "Looking for baby".

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Christina Voitsekhovskaya (Spectator)

"Looking for your search" the incredible show! Dmitry Pervushin and Zita Badalyan, the actors from God! Game with the audience, so much humor and reincarnations!!! All, would recommend! The best medicine from Moscow worries! Great, Thank You very much, Slava, for the joy which gives the Armenian theatre! Christina Voitsekhovskaya (Spectator)

Teresa Zhamharyan (Actress)

Ladies and gentlemen! I advise everyone to visit our wonderful Moscow Armenian theatre.

I had the honor to be there on the performances of "8 women, man without happiness...", "Looking for your favorite", "Wai, Wai, or voyage in Armenian", and still under the impression... From every corner and got incredible fun! Admire the play of actors, they work with full dedication! This is the place where the actor can be called an Actor, and the theatre — the Theatre.

In particular, I would like to mention this game delicious Zita Badalyan. It's a phenomenal and incredibly Armenian actress, with a rich palette of stage skills.

Want to come back here again and again! BRAVO! Well DONE!

Teresa zhamharyan (Actress)

Our life is a casting

Our life is a casting

the Casting has on our audience. And, as in any audition, here it is not the one who's the most talented, and lucky, who, as they say nowadays, in the trend.

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Evening Moscow

the Casting has on our audience. And, as in any audition, here it is not the one who's the most talented, and lucky, who, as they say nowadays, in the trend.

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Andrei Maksimov, writer, broadcaster (the Newspaper "Evening Moscow")

"Lyra Ailarova in the play Nicky Kvizhinadze got an amazing role - forty hours on the scene, along the way turning it in Medea, hamlet, Desdemona, and constantly remaining the main character - the Actress.

Ailarova cope with the role brilliantly. She is different, and that's the main thing. Actually this show not only (and maybe not so much) about the theatre - it's about life of woman. I can say that this is a very good job."

Andrey Maksimov, writer, broadcaster (Newspaper "Vechernyaya Moskva")

Assol Ovsyannikova ("Strastnoy Bulvar, 10" No. 9, 2013)

"Lyra Ailarova — actress psychological, deep, wise. Otherwise I would not have played this difficult role in the play "Casting" so pathetically, with such a rich palette of emotional tones and nuances. Her instant transformation, at times a little detached style of play, or complete immersion into the role wonderfully combines or flow into one another depending on the story line".

Assol Ovsyannikova ("Strastnoy Boulevard, 10" №9, 2013)

The whole city is a theatre.

the Entire city theater. Moscow Armenian Theatre is back with the world famous Avignon theatre festival

festival d'avignon draws the viewers ' attention with bright performances by outstanding international Directors and choreographers, such as Peter brook, Robert Wilson, Maurice Bejart, Pina Bausch, Thomas Ostermeier, Olivier P, Angelin Preljocaj, and many others. In addition to performances, lectures, seminars, workshops — the city lives, seethes and breathes theatre. This year the program was presented IN the performance "Idiot" staged by Kirill Serebrennikov, and in the OFF — show "Package+" the Moscow Armenian Theatre. About festival d'avignon and the upcoming opening of the theatrical season the readers of "the Interlocutor of Armenia," said artistic Director MAT Stepanyan.

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As the Moscow Armenian theatre conquered Avignon

As the Moscow Armenian theatre conquered Avignon

In July, French in Avignon was a traditional theatre festival, which was also attended by the Moscow Armenian Theatre (MAT). The details of the festival told us the artistic Director of the MAT - Stepanyan.

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"Geopolitical joke" Moscow Armenian Theatre in Avignon (France)

the is a"political joke" Moscow Armenian Theatre in Avignon (France)

Moscow Armenian Theatre took part in the 50th Anniversary Festival Off d'avignon, where he presented the premiere of "Une Demande De Mariage" or "Bid+" in the genre of marriage-a geopolitical joke, based on the works of A. Chekhov, A. Pushkin, L. Filatov. It was choreographed by Artistic Director Slava Stepanyan.

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Մոսկվայի հայկական թատրոնը լավագույնն է ճանաչվել Off փառատոնի «Ռուսական դասական թատրոն» անվանակարգում

Մոսկվայի հայկական թատրոնը լավագույնն է ճանաչվել Off փառատոնի «Ռուսական դասական թատրոն» անվանակարգում

Մոսկվայի հայկական թատրոնը մասնակցել է Ավինյոնի (Ֆրանսիա) 50-րդ հոբելյանական Off փառատոնին, որին ներկայացրել է «Une Demande De Mariage» կամ «Առաջարկ+» ներկայացումը:

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Le Théâtre Arménien fait l’unanimité du OFF d’Avignon…

Le Théâtre Arménien fait l’unanimité du OFF d’Avignon…

La demande en Mariage, écrit en un acte par Anton Paulovitch Tchekhov peut se résumer ainsi : Un homme élégant bien élevé, physiquement beau entreprend de faire une demande en mariage qui tourne en pugilat. Autre personnage dans une prestance différente, porte un propriétaire un brin bourgeois qui vient « pleurer » pour obtenir d’une veuve (qui vit que pour la mémoire de son mari défunt) une somme d’argent assez facilement. Autre temps de la pièce, composé par un conférencier qui chargé de parler des ravages du tabac, va s’abandonner sur les déboires de sa vie conjugale !

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Vecherni Minsk, 26 February, 2007

20 February in the Moscow National Academic theatre of Yanka Kupala was an unusual night. For the first time on this stage were the actors of the Moscow Armenian theatre under the direction of Fame Stepanian. Just one night stayed in Minsk Moscow Armenian theatre under the direction of Fame Stepanian.

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The magazine "Passion Boulevard", No. 10 of 2006. / Heroes fit for action

the Artistic Director of Moscow Armenian theatre and the main Director Stepanyan presented at the beginning of may on the stage of the center. Vladimir Vysotsky the play by William Saroyan's "Hello out there". Plays of this author are rare. Throughout the creative path of V. Saroyan cared about the eternal questions and problems, simple soul, little man fit for action.

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Adele Tkachenko (Magazine "Passion Boulevard", No. 10. 2006)

Great work with the actors and thoughtful details in the play "Hey, somebody!.." allowed to reveal the essence of the play by William Saroyan, expose the nerve, to bring the color, which is distinguished by its nobility of spirit and boundless talent.

Adele Tkachenko (Magazine "Passion Boulevard", No. 10. 2006)

Christina Voitsekhovskaya (Spectator)

"The Moscow Armenian theatre in repertory and Comedy, melodrama, and drama, and colorful folk stories, and yesterday we were presented with a mystery" 8 women, man without happiness...". Emotions run high! Slava Stepanian there is something to be proud of! Or rather who! 8 beautiful charming witches reincarnation did last night emotional, funny, shocking. From the first minute of play I forget about everything to the last minute all my thoughts were here and now."

Christina voitsekhovskaya (Spectator)

Orthodox information Agency Russian line

the Orthodox information Agency Russian line


Nikolay Burlyaev: "the Battle for man's soul is now in theater"

the President of IFF "Golden knight" has summed up results of the VII International theatre forum...

"Despite the crisis, which touched and culture (part of its support to the Ministry of culture and sponsors), the forum theatre was conducted at a high enough level. In Moscow were shown 34 performance in three categories which were judged by three international jury: "the Theatre is a large form, small form Theatre" and "Theatre for children"," said the President of IFF "Golden knight", people's artist of Russia Nikolay Burlyaev in an interview with portal KM.ru summarizing the results of the VII International theatre forum "Golden knight".

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Sergei Rublev(film Actor)

Sergey Rublev(film Actor): Today, at the invitation of Glory Stepanian looked another, not afraid of the word, a masterpiece of Moscow Armenian Theatre - the performance "Ode to joy". Incredibly touched by the game actress Zita Badalyan, who has managed the whole show to carry and play a 12-year-old girl lost their parents, without losing the ability to enjoy the little things. The play made me think and to remember, that we forget to enjoy simple things of our life such as sun, rain and...the absence of disease! Especially now, when overcast, it is necessary to learn to rejoice and live!

Zhanna Petrosyan (Spectator)

"Luismi. Ode To Joy — awesome show, I advise everyone to go with the kids. This is a very good school for all of us.

Zhanna Petrosyan (Spectator)

Elena Amelina (Spectator)

Thank You for the joy of fellowship, for the pleasure and emotions that you give to the audience! BRAVO!!!!!!

Elena Amelina (Spectator)

Expert (Vice President of ATS)

"Amazing staging is excellent, with good deep and instructive meaning of the play! Stunning cast!!! Awesome acting of every single character!!! Just awesome!!! Well done, gorgeous! Even many famous actors don't play professionally so of course... I'm already in fifth time watching this show and the fifth time can't hold back from the crowded kind, human feelings. I advise everyone to necessarily go to the show "LUISMI. ODE TO JOY!!! Such performances really change lives for the better!" Expert (Vice President of ATS)


the Performance of Fame Stepanian as a box of surprises: the play of light and shadow, music and movement, the interweaving of meanings and unexpected plot twists – you never know what surprise you this "musical mayhem in two acts" in the next minute.

Here the hustle and bustle, humor, and a touch of sadness, dances and songs, silence and a deep pause. Here is such a "voyage in Armenian", touching and funny, comical, but at the same time very imaginative and deep performance. The actors recently returned from this voyage (the company toured in Paris), the new "embark" on a journey, only now on a scene of theatre GITIS.

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V Festival-competition of national theaters "Moscow — city of peace"

V Festival-competition of national theaters "Moscow — city of peace"

"the Moscow Armenian theatre" under the direction of Fame Stepanian presented the play "Vai, Vai, or Voyage in Armenian", staged by G. Ter-Alexanyan artistic Director of the theatre in its set design.

the Journey of four women, a teenager and two children in a rural monastery on pilgrimage turns on the stage in an exciting adventure, sometimes very funny, sometimes touching, sometimes disturbing. On a tiny stage hung a small shed and put a few benches. This modest but carefully thought-out interior allows you to play and room in the house, and the carriage, and an Inn, and even the gap in the mountains.

Good acting. Sophia (Zita Badalyan), a short, slender brunette, elegant, friendly. At the same time, she is not averse from time to time to show the relatives your superiority — after all it was her husband pays all the expenses of the journey, but she does it, trying not to offend anyone.

the Mother of Sophia, grandmother Mato (Ani Muradyan) — direct open. She is fussing, interfering in everything and... no one interferes, no one is annoying. Very touching in its distractions of Maya (Sofia Torosian). However, detachment does not prevent her to pay close attention to the everyday little things and do it so naturally that no contradiction in her character does not occur. Ketevan (Ani Sargsyan) can be called a model of the Armenian woman. Beautiful, proud, elegant and economic, a caring mother and sister, with sadness and great reverence she recalls her deceased husband, although, in her own words, he was a great debauchee. Actress surprisingly harmonious in this role, she without any stress manages to combine contradictory traits. A very interesting young actor Andrey Arutyunov in the role of Costa, still a boy, the Bumpkin and the bully, which is already clearly evident masculine traits — the desire to protect, to guard, to lead, to organize.

Karen Martirosyan performed two very different roles. It Egor S. — intelligent, soft, dreamy, a little tired from family life and too assertive, energetic woman, but loving all my family, including two sisters. Georgian Prince — the fire, the passion, at first sight, instantly falling modest Maya and conquering her heart...

...the Show has turned out bright, festive and filled with national color and... life.

Author: Evgeny Malinin

Log "Strastnoy Bulvar,10" Issue No. 3-113/2008

Independent information-analytical portal georgians.ru

Independent information-analytical portal georgians.ru

In Moscow, there was the performance of "Wai, Wai"

on March 21 at the Moscow Armenian theater hosted a performance of Fame Stepanian "Wai, Wai, or voyage Armenian" on the play playwright Tbilisi of the late XIX – early XX centuries Grigor Ter-Alexanyan.

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last week at the festival of arts "the Stars above" at the theatre "Free space" Moscow Armenian theatre under the direction of Fame Stepanian presented the play "Wai-Wai, or... Voyage Armenian".

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the Figures of the Russian scene say "no" to genocide, adding his voice to ours. "We felt obliged of the artist and intellectual to say "no!" to genocide. The Armenian genocide, genocide in General. We had to add my voice to those who committed such heinous crime is not repeated never" — with this filling took large Russian artists taking part in the play-action "the Court goes" on the play by P. Zeytuntsyan made by Director Slava Stepanyan in the framework of the International Armenian festival "Karot".

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Stepanyan: the Show '"all Rise, the court goes!" this is a play-action


6 September 2010

Slava Stepanian: Performance of "be upstanding in court!" is a play-action

"During the Moscow premiere of performance based on the same play perch Zeytuntsyan "all Rise, court is in session" was a surprising fact. Alexei Petrenko, who played in the play don't know anything about the Armenian Genocide, Komitas, Grigor Zohrap the. But after learning about these terrible events, he is so imbued by this that during the performance he became ill. We thought he was playing, but so convincingly that even the actor playing the role of the judge, offered him some water. He was given water in a mug with Mickey mouse, and after the performance he went backstage and fell," - said the artistic Director of Moscow Armenian theatre Stepanyan at a press conference on September 6.

He added that even then, calling an Ambulance, the actors found out that Aleksei Petrenko had a heart attack. "Three days later, when he came to himself, he said that his overwhelming impression of the voice of the Armenian composer Komitas", said Stepanyan, adding that the actor, without hesitation, agreed to take part in tours of the show even despite the fact that constantly was under supervision of doctors. 'I believe that it is not just a performance. This is a play-action. His goal is to once again raise the issue of Genocide. And it is important that this project involved fine actors who selflessly took part in it",- said the artistic Director of Moscow Armenian theatre.


In Yerevan hosted the premiere of "Stand up, court is coming!" staged by artistic Director of Moscow Armenian theatre. In the framework of the international festival 'Karot' hosted the Yerevan premiere of "Stand up, court is coming!" on the same play perch Zeytuntsyan," said founder and festival President Metso Igityan at a press conference on September 6.

the performance was attended by prominent Russian actors: people's artist of Russia Emmanuil Vitorgan, Igor Kostolevsky and Alexei Petrenko. "I did not consider their participation in this performance, and my colleagues will agree with this, as the role. It is rather our human position, our attitude to the Armenian Genocide, our pain, understanding, resentment and denial of everything that happened, and that's the main thing",- said the actor Igor Kostolevsky. Talking about the reaction of the Armenian audience to the show, the actor said that coming to the stage, he focuses on silence in the hall. "Silence can be very different: there is a silence which is necessary to overcome the resistance of the hall, there is a silence tuned. And Yesterday there was a feeling that the audience came into the room with some great sorrow and concern",- said Igor Kostolevsky. He also noted that with pleasure will play in the Armenian theaters, if you will call him. The play "Rise for the judge" directed by Glory Stepanian was shown a second time. The Moscow premiere took place 2 years ago. Answering the question of correspondent of PanARMENIAN.Net the actor said that are not familiar with the Armenian literature, but to read the works of William Saroyan.

PanARMENIAN.Net 6 September 2010

Russian cultural figures: about yourself, about the festival "Karot" and about Armenia

Russian cultural figures: about yourself, about the festival "Karot" and about Armenia, as a springboard to build a new world

YEREVAN. These days in Armenia held the third international festival "Karot" (Nostalgia), which was launched on 2 September in the capital of the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic — Stepanakert. The previous two festivals were held in Moscow.

the festival offers various activities, including Yerevan hosted the premiere of the action "the Court is..." staged by the Moscow Armenian theatre on the play by Armenian playwright perch Zeytuntsyan "Stand up! The court is coming!".

In the production were zadeystvovany known Russian actors of theatre and cinema, which are shared with Armenian journalists his impressions about Armenia, about the festival, but also about eternal human values.

About the festival

the Festival started with the opening ceremony in the capital of Artsakh Stepanakert bronze monument "Symbol of kindness" in the form of a dandelion flower, the works of world famous sculptor Grigory Pototsky. According to the sculptor the petals of a dandelion in the form of open palms symbolize the hands of representatives of different nationalities. "The earth will continue as long as we continue to be good," said Potocki. The event was attended by the official delegation from Armenia, led by Prime Minister Tigran Sargsyan President of the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic Bako Sahakyan, the NKR Parliament speaker Ashot Ghulyan, Prime Minister Ara Harutyunyan the leader of Artsakh diocese of the Armenian Apostolic Church Archbishop Pargev Martirosyan, as well as the former NKR President Arkady Ghoukassian, members of Parliament and government, representatives of the intelligentsia.

About the play

visitors and journalists gathered Monday at the International press center "news" were not overlooked and the play-action "the Court is..", the plot of which is a real trial, held in 1921 in Germany over the hero of the Armenian people Regarding the Event, zastrelitsia in Berlin, the instigator and inspirer of the Armenian Genocide in the Ottoman Empire Talaat Pasha.

the Premiere took place in Moscow two years ago, but after the decision on holding of the festival "Karot" in Armenia and Artsakh, it was decided to include this play in his program.

"For us the most important thing was to convey our attitude, pain, understanding, our, if you will, resentment, a sharp denial to what is happening in the play," said people's artist of Russia Igor Kostolevsky, who performed in the play the role of a German missionary Johannes Lepsius. People's artist of Russia Emmanuil Vitorgan, engaged in the role of the American Ambassador in Turkey during the First world war, Henry Morgenthau, noted that the best way to sort things out is a way of communication and agreement. "Because again there will be blood, because the people will suffer about their loved ones, the world will not" — he stressed.

the artistic Director of Moscow Armenian theatre, Director of performance Stepanyan told that the national artist of Russia Alexei Petrenko, who performs in the play the role of a scientist Bedouin, who testified at the trial before the Moscow premiere of the play did not know about the history of the Armenian Genocide of 1915 -1923. in the Ottoman Empire. The actor was introduced in the course, and he was so inspired that during the Moscow premiere it it became bad with heart. "Had to call "ambulance", — says Stepanian. According to Petrenko, this play-action he's already grateful for what she learned about the horrific event of the Genocide of the Armenian people.

About yourself

Speaking about the role of theatre, Igor Kostolevsky noted that only in the theatre can understand the capabilities and scale of the artist to evaluate his ability and talent. "Film me, I still couldn't back everything it gave me. But theatre is, of course, for me today is a very serious thing," he said.

Vitorgan is of the opinion that people of artistic professions should be out of power, party lists, because this profession speaks of nothing else but human life. "I never gave up on negative characters and were not positive like in the movies, and in theater. Because for me it is very important that people, seeing this, understood that it is not the best way of living", — said the actor.

having complained that people often forget about the fragility of life, Vitorgan said: "We live to help each other. There are no other options, they don't exist. If not you made a man into this world, you have no right to lay a hand on him".

and the goodness Of the world

Sculptor Gregory Pototsky, who is also President of the International Academy of kindness, expressed the view that future life can be built only on the principles of kindness and understanding. "Don't look at the past, we should not look back. The Armenians suffered heavy casualties, but they are all in heaven, and the souls of all the killers will forever suffer," said he.

Developing the topic, Potocki said that the past is history, but if he is not given legal assessment, the past becomes the present. The master is convinced that Armenia needs to become a springboard for a new architecture of peace.

"In Karabakh and in Armenia forged a new policy of peace. You think the people of Karabakh can be destroyed or overcome?.. Yes, if every one kill that will also be a Genocide. Maybe this land to be free and empty, but Karabakh cannot be defeated in any war – neither nuclear nor chemical. The people there are living and will live, the war has nothing to prove, nothing military objectives cannot be achieved. Armenia will for the whole world an example of how you can achieve your goals only through peace and kindness," said Potocki.


22:04 | 06/ 09/ 2010



may 14, 2008 in the small hall of theatre of Armen Dzhigarkhanyan, was held... the meeting of the court.

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