"Вай, вай или Вояж по-армянски"

Луйс Мари. Ода к "Радости"

Моноспектакль Зиты Бадалян
«Голос человеческий»

Ищу любимую

Уильям Сароян «Эй, кто – нибудь!..»


Робер Тома
«У 8 женщин, мужчина без… счастья »

Ника Квижинадзе

Луйс Mари. Ода «К Радости».

Суд идет…

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Афиша на XV театральный  сезон


Hourglass in black and white casing and touching the red rose. Phone — the world axis, the navel of the earth, the center of the universe. Fragile woman(Badalyan)and her "black man" (Kornienko), which "does not rest". He walks around her, subtle, all knowing, knows everything in advance, glancing with a slight smile, they say, purephase, butterfly, pabasa about the lamp, anywhere from me not going anywhere. From the black person with whitened face, in a black coat with "blood-red lining". Who is he? Her shadow? Her little mental hell? Or does the man from Hell? All together. And about the leaking Sands of time remind. And rode back, repeating the synchronous movement crazy dance. ("Shadow, know your place"...) And carry in the final, which, incidentally, is almost equivalent to the act of mercy. When the soul bleeds, bleeds, not the fact that life is good.

the Little woman says her beloved, which making this. With a man who is tied to itself, rooted in soul roots, and then threw it away. Little woman says to a man on the phone, breaks through the noise, through others ' voices, through the lies, and all the circumstances taken together. She tells him the last time or the last time. She is desperately putting on a brave face, desperately plays and even strums (the character, not the actress, which is important), flirts desperately, and hopelessly... desperately lying to yourself. Lying that she's already stepped through the gap that life goes on, she is a brave woman, that she might so easily, in play chat with former lover. So in a moment to break away and show their true face, to hear your genuine voice. The voice of a dying woman, knit and able to play, but not capable of surviving the death of love.

the Performance with a gradual increase of the "internal degree". If you go into it with some cautious anticipation, slightly neopalimaja, after some time fully immersed in the emotional world of the heroine, "you get the emotion". And then go along with it. Feverish rushing about, trying to get through that despair, realizing that he is lying, he has another woman. Cling to the memories, justify, suffer from intolerance to inevitable forever. Live a lifetime. And get to a logical end.

Suddenly and heavily.

Hit by accident. I would now like to see other performances. The exception to the rule (the solo performances it is difficult to judge the company, everything rests on one actor: whether he had anything to say to the viewer whether he is able to "take and hold") or regularity.


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