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Афиша на XV театральный  сезон


the Outlook

How do we overcome the nightmare of abandonment? The phone becomes an obsessive object when we are expecting a call, drowning in broken dreams.

In this real enough staged by the Moscow Armenian theatre, the themes of Pacinotti and harsh and even unbearable truth, explored and displayed. Before us the play by Cocteau. Many people don't know what Jean Cocteau wrote plays, though Ingrid Bergman once played a major role in his play. This play, it was turned into a radio drama for the BBC in 1998.

Zita Badalyan plays with every inch of his body and soul, and her anguish and pain, plunging into obsession, impressive and painful to contemplate. Waiting for the phone to call in every gesture reflected her fury and feelings on lost, but welcome love.

In this production with many striking moments that highlighted the chaotic backdrop when our artist sings a monologue, which reconstructs the story and divides the inner emotional journey.

the Atmosphere is ghostly, very real and earthly. We provide and we are skillfully immersed in the picture emotional, intense, sad, hopeful and sometimes dark is a place for the outcast, living with a desperate hope.

the Power lies in the sensitivity and inventive use of a second contractor who pulls the strings of emotions of the heroine. It reminded me about the art of William Arkle. Thrown into an emotional sea, we do not control how we can control yourself when such a shock? There is a communication, which is often beyond our understanding – love can destroy and warming at the same time.

Excellent performer delivers the monologue with commitment and using excellent technique. It lost clarity. This cause the text which is sung is not her mother tongue and she is usually little over the top sometimes because of this. If the setting must be made so, we need some drama in the presentation of the play. The production is a spectacle, visually arresting and powerful. Words are often a little lost, and that's something to work on. With such a fantastic actor, I feel that the least will be great in scenarios.

This production has the potential of becoming really outstanding. But before that you need to work on. But still, this is a very worthy, innovative and sometimes shattering performance of this play.

Paul levy August 20, 2014

fringe (experimental theatre) in 2014.

the Human voice

Genre: Theatre dance and movement

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Location: "Spotmatic & Dae with Merchant Hall"

Support center of russin-armenian strategic and community initiatives

the Play "the human Voice" in the repertoire of one of the elders. He is the darling of the intellectual public. The show has evolved, spoke different languages and traveled...

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The magazine "French" ("La Langue Fransaise") No. 9, may 2007

Today in Moscow is not so common to see the performance in French. So every time the audience enjoyed this opportunity and do your best to attend such performances. However,...

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The Human Voice

The Human Voice BUY TICKETS Performed by Zita Badalyan, RUSSIA Tue 10/18 7:30pm drama, 60 min. A woman comes face to face with the severe truth – she is no longer wanted, and...

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"Strange" Russians at the festival, Edinburg Festival Fringe

"Strange" Russians at the festival, Edinburg Festival Fringe In Scotland, the 68th Edinburgh international arts festival. In the program of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2014 from Russia by the Moscow Armenian...

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The magazine "Passion Boulevard", No. 10, 2006, category "Moscow Premiere".

Heroes fit for action ...Between the play "Hey, somebody!" and another play Glory Stepanian — "the human Voice" by Jean Cocteau — a lot in common. Jean Cocteau, French playwright and...

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Lanolin (spectator)

"the human Voice" Moscow Armenian theatre under the direction of Fame Stepanian Black, white, red... Love, life, death... the Blood, the light, the despair... the Wire silhouette of a man.

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Edinburgh Fringe 2014

the Background "She was left face to face with the brutal truth — she's more unloved, dumped her. What can you do if you love someone with every particle of...

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Edinburgh festival and FRINGE 2014

the Edinburgh festival and FRINGE 2014 Several simultaneous events that make up the "Edinburgh festival" — international festival, the fringe, Comedy festival, etc. — bring thousands of shows and performers to...

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